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Sound of winter

I am more into spring and summer but Winter in the city can also be nice with the perfect style and when you are not getting cold. With that coat you are nicely dressed and always warm!

Oui, coat oui, mimmu, Fendi, sound, Python Bag

FENDI, Fendi Bag 2jours, oui, coat, warm style, sound, warm sound, Python Bag

Oui, Lodenfrey, Mimmu, Fendi, Winter 2017, warm style, warm sound, winter sound

Oui, OUI, Lodenfrey, LODENFREY, Oliver Peoples, 2017, sound, winter sound

Top: Zara.

Scarf: Lodenfrey.

Coat: Oui.

Pants: Moschino.

Bag: Fendi.

Shades: Oliver Peoples.

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Photographer: Petra.

My Highlights 2016

My highlights 2016!

Zara, prada, hat, highlights, fashion, red dress, red lips

Zara, Ganni, Blue, Silver, Ray Ban, Nine West, Modeblog, Fashion, Munichblogger

Pedro del Hierro, Marc Jacobs, Wolford, Mikita, highlights

Jeans Mango, Parka Nevada Love, Just Eve, highlights

Chanel, Pearls, Paris, Asos, Dior, highlights

Sportalm Dirndl, Trachtenmode

Thank you to all my friends, photographers, subscribers and readers! Special Thanks to my son Thomas who is helping me with technical stuff and who is my coach and slasher. This was an amazing year and I am happy about all my great feedback 2016! I hope to be back with a lot of fasihon inspirations and matching backgrounds in 2017 – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Cornelia Charlotte