Rose-colored glasses

Blazer: Zara.

Pants: Moschino.

Top: Emilio Pucci.

Shoes: Asos.

Shades: faceaface.

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Zara, Moschino, faceaface, Asos, rose-colored glasses, style

Zara, Moschino, Faceaface, Emilio Pucci, Fashion, Mode, Modeblog

Zara, emilio pucci, italian fashion, moda, style, fashionblog

Zara, Emilio pucci, Moschino, faceaface, Style, Fashionblog

Zara, faceavace, Paris, glasses, rose-colored glasses, shades, pink

Faceaface, glasses, rose-colored glasses, shades, Paris, Sunnies, Fashion

Photographer: Thomas.

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