Dress: Sandro Ferrone.

Shoes: Rizzolli.

Bag: Essentiel.

Eyewear: Chloe.

Dress: Sandro Ferrone, Shoes: Rizzolli, eyewear: Chloe. Fashionblog, style for ladies, modepost, modeblog,

Dress: Sandro Ferrone, Schuhe Rizzolli, style, fashion, Fashionblog, modepost

chloe, sandro ferrone, rizzolli, Fashion, Fashionblog, moda, mode, blogpost

Dress: Sandro Ferrone. Shoes: Rizzolli. Eyewear : chloe, modeblog, fashion, Fashionblog, style, ladies, woman

Fashion, Fashionblog, mode, kleid, dress, Sandro Ferrone, Rizzolli, style, mode, modepost, fall, stiefel, blockabsatz

Dress: Sandro Ferrone, shoes: Rizzolli, Sunnies: chloe, mode, Modeblog, fashion, Fashionblog, Munichblogger, style, netzstruempfe

Photographer: Petra.

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