wine and dine

This week I was invited to a wine testing in Italy, what a wonderful experience in this ambiance. Of course I decided to wear my Bavarian dress, Dirndl, for that event.

Dirndl: Bergfeuer.

Shoes: Ash.

Dirndl, Bergfeuer, tracht, iphone6s, tracht, bayern, wiesn

Dirndl, Bergfeuer, Spitzenbluse, Dirndlbluse, Dirndlschürze,

Dirndl, Spitzenbluse, Dirndlschürze, Tüll, Tull, Tracht

Dirndl, Bergfeuer, Tüll, Spitze, Tull, Black Apron, Dirndlschürze

Italy, moda, fashion, Fashionblog, style, woman

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