Bavarian special

The Oktoberfest is right around the corner. This is the occasion to show you some of my bavarian dresses. Do you like them?

Dirndl: Melega.

Shoes: Gucci.

Dirndl, bayern, Gucci, tracht, Muenchen,

Dirndl, Tracht, München, Bayern, Oktoberfest, Kleid

Dirndl, Tracht, München, Karo, Rosa, Pink, Dress, Kleid

Dirndl, Tracht, Muenchen, Dress, Kleid, traditional, Mode, Fashion

Dirndl, Tracht, Muenchen, Kleid, Mode, Dress, Karo

Photographer: Carmen.


Dirndl: Stockerpoint.

Shoes: Ash.

Bag: Marc Jacobs.

Dirndl, Tracht, Kleid, Dress, Pink, Marc Jacobs

Dirndl, Kleid, Tracht, Marc Jacobs, München, Bayern

Dirndl, Tracht, München, Bayern, Kleid, Oktoberfest, Wiesn, Leder

Dirndl, Tracht, München, Bayern, Wiesn, Oktoberfest

Dirndl, Tracht, Oktoberfest, Kleiid, Mode, Bayern

Photographer: Anna.

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