Bella Italia

Top: MM6.

Jeans: See by Chloe.

Shoes: Nine West.

Bag: Fendi.

Fendi, Fendibag, Fashion, Fashionblog, Black Top with Jeans, Translucent, Nine West, MM8, Prada Eyewear

Fendibag, MM8, Mode, Fashion, Fashionblog, Munichbloggers, Prada Eyewear, Sunnies Prada, Italia Moda, Fendi Accessoires

Black top, Jeans, MM6, Fendi, Fendibag, Streetstyle, Fendi, See by Chloe, Modeblog, Fashionblog, Fashion, Style

Black Top, Jeans, Black Top with Jeans, Fendi, Fendibag, See by Chloe, Nine West, Prada, Prada Eyewear, Tiffany, Tiffany Bracelet, Streetstyle, Streetfashion, Shopping, Fashionweek

Black Top with Jeans, See by Chloe, Fendibag, Fendi Accessoires, Prada, Streetstyle, Streetfashion, Style, No Age, Tiffany, Shopping in Italy, translucent

Black top, fendi, red lipstick, see by Chloe, streetstyle

Nine West, See by Chloe, Jeans, Black Top with Jeans, Fendibag, Fendi in Streetstyle, Streetfashion, Modeblog, Fashionblog, Munichblogger

Photographer: Petra.

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