Mustard, Palazzo Pants, Zara, Viccolo, Dior, Dior shades, Sonnenbrillen

Zara, Viccolo, Dior, Shades, DIOR, sonnenbrillen, Mustard

Zara palazzo pants, Sonja Rykiel, Michael Kors, Style, ageless, Mustard

Zara, Dior, Shades, Sonnenbrille

Zara, dior, viccolo, ageless
Zara, mustard, palazzo pants, Dior, ageless, Fashionbog

Zara, Bell sleeves, Mustard, turquise, Dior, ageless

Sweater: Viccolo.

Lace Top: S&S Italy.

Palazzo Pants: Zara.

Shades: Dior.

Bag: Sonja Rykiel.

Thank you for partnering on this post:

for the lace top and for the beautiful eyewear.

Photographer: Thomas.

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    1. Thank you very much for this comment! I really love this outfit, too. Especially this color combination. I will watch you blog as well! Nice contact!

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