Colors cheer me up in fall! I picked a warm coat from NEON ROSE this weekend and enjoyed the fotoshooting!

Neon Rose, Asos, Dior Shades, Dior Eyewear, Lisbeth Dahl

Umbrella, fashion. Ruffles, neon rose, asos, Lisbeth Dahl,

Umbrella, Passigatti, Dior, Asos

Umbrella Lisbeth Dahl, Gloves, fashion, style, fall2016, Dior

Dior Shades, Cityoptik, Style, Fashion

Coat: Neon Rose.

Scarf: Passigatti.

Boots: Asos.

Umbrella: Lisbeth Dahl

Eyewear: Dior.

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Photographer: Felix.

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