Love gloves

I always thought pink is not my color but in this combination I really like it a lot. My DIOR shades fit perfectly here and the gloves are very soft leather! A very comfy look for many different occasions …

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Pink poncho, Boots Asos, Pants Damir Doma, Shades Dior, Eyewear Dior, Jacket Kenneth Cole, Fashion, Style ageless

Pink poncho, pants Damir Doma, Boots Asos, Style, Fashion, Mode, Modeblog Augsburg, DIOR, DIOR Sonnenbrille, DIOR eyewear, Shades

Dior shades, Poncho comma, pink, dior, eyewear, brillendesign

Poncho: comma,

Leather Jacket: Kenneth Cole.

Pants: Damir Doma.

Boots: Asos.

Bag: Zac Posen.

Shades: Dior.

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Photographer: Petra.

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One thought on “Love gloves”

  1. Elegante Farbkombi … stylisch die einzelnen Teile !
    Coole Hose, tolle Sonnenbrille, schöne Stiefeletten.

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