Rise and shine

It is really interesting to find nice locations matching with the colors of my style. I discovered so many places last year I have never expected before! My hometown became a whole new experience … This place is close to where I grew up.

Belt Codello, Jacket Mango, Exewear Tom Ford, Wolford, Style, Fashion, Fall 2016

Codello, Feathers, Leather, Tom Ford, Wolford

Gucci, Codello, Zara, Mango, Tom Ford, Wolford,

Belt, Codello, Leather, Feathers, Style, FAshion

Tom Ford, Eyewear Tom Ford, Shades, brown, natural hair

Jacket: Mango.

Poncho: Zara.

Belt: Codello.

Bag: Gucci.

Stockings: Wolford.

Eyewear: Tom Ford.

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