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Ruby mission

This velvet skirt has a history! Believe it or not – I bought it 1999 and paid German Marks for that. So … the message is not to throw all things away! Sometimes fashion is celebrating a come back like this. I am happy that I was digging out this piece in my closet for this post! This color is beautiful together with black and white. And yes …. it is vintage …

Velvet, velvet skirt, samt, samtrock, nude, nine west, cartier

Velvet skirt, Lodenfrey schal, scarf Lodenfrey, fashion and style, jacket nude, Cartier glasses

Scarf Lodenfrey, Jacket Nude, Shades Cartier

Knit Jacket Nude, Gloves net and leather, Scarf Lodenfrey, Schal Lodenfrey, Shades Cartier

Ruby, red velvet, vintage, style, old, nude, Cartier

Jacket: (nude).

Scarf: Lodenfrey.

Skirt: no name.

Boots: Nine West.

Shades: Cartier.

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